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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Is there a maximum order I can place?

As it turns out, there is. We have shipping limitation within our system that prohibit shipping more than 30 items in one order. If you need more than 30 items, just place an additional order.

Can I get one of these mannequins repainted?

All mannequins and forms available online are sold in "as is condition." If you need a mannequin or form in a different color, finish or base type, please inquire via email at: These typically have a 6-8 week lead time.

Do you have an alternative to the products color, finish and base page?

We are more than happy to provide additional photography or even samples. Please email us at: Please note, samples do have a one week lead time.

I am tax exempt, can I get my exempt status applied to my account?  

Yes, please contact us at: to set-up account.

    Do you ship international?

    Yes, but due to the complexity of customs and duties, we have to process this order internally. Please email us at: with your name, address, and product style number.

    A product is listed as “Sold Out”, will the inventory be replenished?

    Inventories will be refilled as production allows, generally between 4-8 weeks after mannequin has been labelled sold out. All reduced price products are end-of-life and will not be reproduced for eCommerce. If you would like an item that is no longer on our site, please contact:

    I need to buy a base or arms, but I don’t see them on the website. Where I can I find these items? carries limited inventory. All items that are available for immediate purchase are listed on the site. If you would like a custom, or unique mannequin or form, please contact with your request.

      I have mannequins that I previously purchased from Fusion Specialties, but I don’t see them on this site. How can I purchase them?

      Our inventory eCommerce is determined by consumer demand and requests. If you would like to repurchase an item you've ordered before that is not available online, please contact:

        None of these mannequins or forms meet my needs, can I have something designed or created?

        Absolutely and we would love to share our full depth of product and custom options. Please contact: to learn more!

          Can I rent mannequins?

          No, at this time we do not have the capabilities to rent our mannequins. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

            If I need a custom mannequin or form, how long will it take?

            Our design and production times vary throughout the year. Generally there is a 3 month development lead time and it takes between 6-8 weeks for an order to be produced. 

            I would like to sign up or remove my email address from marketing communications.

            Please contact us at to be added or removed. 



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