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Pioneers in combining augmented reality and video-mapping, SmartPixels makes any object infinitely configurable. Through movement sensors articulated with high-end projectors and state of the art algorithms, SmartPixels enables you to instantly personalize any moving object with animations, videos, textures or text; giving it the interactivity only the web could offer up until now, and dissolving the limit between the digital and the physical world.

Brick-and-mortar retailers may now offer a futuristic and interactive experience to customers, inspiring themselves from the standards e-commerce has spread during the past two decades. From now on, retailers can benefit from all the features of the digital shopping experience, catching the eye and reducing inventory costs, pleasing and adapting to customers by personalizing items in real time.

SmartPixels also helps designers review and showcase their work on a physical object, simplifying the prototyping process by instantly rendering the feel and touch of their finished product. By enabling designers to assess instantly different colors, materials, labels and so on, SmartPixels facilitates the design process and decision making by cutting efforts needlessly wasted on expensive and time-consuming mock-ups. Only one month after their official launch this last September, French cosmetics giant L’Oreal adopted this technology for their design sector and became SmartPixels’ very first client.​

Please visit us at to see examples and learn more!

SmartPixels - Nike Store from SmartPixels on Vimeo.


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